Saturday, November 30, 2013

Blogmas day 1 (Christmas tree and Target )

By Susana

So a lot of people in the YouTube community are doing vlogmas which is you vlog everyday till Christmas being that I'm a noisy and love to see Into people life I'm naturally obsessed with these video's , I'm guessing you guys know that my sister and I have a YouTube channel actually we have two .One is the Beauty   & Fashion channel the other is more random and funny ,if you didn't know that I'm quite ashamed of you  and you need to stop reading this and go check it out by clicking these links ,ok back to subject being that we are on YouTube and I love these video's I thought why don't I do it too,only problem is I'll most likely forget to film throughout the day but there something I always do and that is ,take picture's so I thought why don't I do Vlogmas in my Blog and call it Blogmas ,so that's what we'll being doing till Christmas you would have a post everyday !! Yay !!

So today was Sunday and that means a lazy day of putting the Christmas tree up and shopping .we went to target to pick some ornaments and  do what you do in target which is idly browse for things you don't need .