Saturday, May 16, 2015

Review : Fresh SeaBerry Moisturizing Face Oil

By : Susana 

I've Tried Many Facial Oil And Never Been Really Satisfied With Any Of Them It's Always The Same Story  , They Make My Face Feel Silky And Within Weeks  I Start To Break Out ,So I'm Always A Little Iffy About Them But Lately My Face Has Been Feeling Extra Dry Even Painfully Dry , I Remember Watching YouTube And A Girl Mentioning This Oil And All Its Benefits ,So While In Sephora I Picked It Up  . I Don't Know What I was Expecting But It Definitely Wasn't  For My Skin To Feel So Luxuriously Soft . My Pores  Are Even Looking   Smaller , Ive Been Using It For 3  Weeks And Knock On Wood Haven't Broke Out  Yet . The Oil Sinks Right Into  The Skin And When You Apply It Before Bed The Next Day You Notice Your Face Look Plum And Soft .

Benefit In The Oil : Omega 3,6,7&9

Seabuckthorn Oil Benefits :Promote Skin Health, It loaded with Antioxidant