Friday, August 8, 2014

Blogmas day 2 &3

So I'm guessing you guys know there wasn't a post for day 2 on dec 2 , It was actually because.........ok I'm not going to  make excuses I arrived from work and went straight to sleep , I was actually very tired but I'm also notrouis for being lazy and forgetful so my apologies and I'll try to get. Routine on these

Dec 2

My routine is usually a cup coffe and then I get on  my iPad and browse through the new app I found called We Heart It  . I've become obsessed with it ,I have it also on my phone . It resembles pinteserst ,but has more creative pictures and a lot of tumblr gif  . If you have one follow me and I will follow you because like I said I'm obsessed with knowing what other people are too.



I didn't really get to do to much but I did try to do  A at home manicure key word is (try) ,The  nail strips didn't want to stick, So I had to paint my nails revlon seductive it's a nice  dark vino color  ,but chips like crazy !


Bad paint job I know I was in a rush .

By chilly

Dec 3 

I went to the movies with my friend and saw the movie frozen .it was a beautiful movie about sisterhood it reminds me a little of me and my sister , I recommend it ! 


      Photography by : Susana